Aligning Financial And Philanthropic Bottom Lines

Harness The Synergies Of Law, Tax, Finance, And Philanthropy

Thousands Served

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and investors restructure and reorganize their assets and estates

Billions Protected

We have helped our clients protect, preserve, and restructure billions in tangible and intangible assets

Millions Donated

We have inspired our clients to earmark and donate over $100 million in "time, talent, and treasure" for charitable use

Thrive Through Philanthropy:

Where Law, Tax, Finance, and Philanthropy Become One

You invested your time, talent, and treasure to achieve wealth - it wasn't accidental or pure luck, but the result of hard work, calculated risks, and self-belief. Now, as a wealthy asset owner, you want to ensure your life's work is protected, preserved, and controlled by future generations.

You're not alone in this journey! We've built a community of entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and professionals on the same quest. Our team members entered the world of law, tax, and finance after experiencing financial losses, lawsuits, and even bankruptcies. We understand the pain of losing everything in an instant - our mission is to prevent that from happening to you.

Learning, studying, and implementing legal and tax strategies isn't just work for us – it's our passion, calling, and obsession. We're in this for the long haul, working with clients seeking comprehensive, long-term solutions that last decades, not short-term quick fixes.

Over 20 years, we've evolved from a legal filing powerhouse into a boutique family-office-style consulting firm – the kind we couldn't find but needed. We invite you to schedule a call and explore how our unique consulting approach can help you get organized, structured, and methodical in protecting, preserving, and transferring wealth.

Unifying Your Goals, Vision, and Strategy

After working with thousands of individuals over the past two decades on legal and tax restructuring matters, we've realized that most lack synergy, alignment, and structure, especially when it comes to wealth management.

More often than not, individuals and families orchestrate their affairs in a haphazard manner, failing to recognize that gains in one area could be offset by taxes and costs elsewhere. Without a holistic, structured, and highly coordinated strategic plan, a significant portion of wealth can end up in the hands of (what we refer to as) "silent partners and beneficiaries", such as government agencies, litigants, or creditors. Our mission is to prevent these scenarios from happening.

Our goal is to put you in the driver's seat while serving as your "navigators." We educate and empower the professionals representing you to get coordinated and aligned, ensuring everyone works towards the same objectives. This prevents the efforts of one expert from being counterbalanced by another advisor's recommendations.

In essence, we strive to bring synergy, alignment, and structure to your wealth management approach, maximizing the impact of your hard-earned wealth and protecting it from unintended drains. Our role is to guide you as the captain while unifying your advisory team for a cohesive, well-coordinated wealth strategy.

It's A Puzzle, Let's Solve It Together!

Here's a look at how we help our clients strategically leverage different legal and tax structures to accomplish, both monetary and non-monetary goals and objectives:

Most business owners and individuals share common goals:

  1. Safeguarding business and personal assets from vulnerabilities

  2. Preserving wealth across decades and generations

  3. Incorporating philanthropic endeavors for deeper impact

  4. Minimizing taxes during life and after passing

To accomplish these objectives, we leverage a strategic combination of legal entities:

  1. Limited liability companies and corporations

  2. Wills and revocable trusts

  3. Irrevocable trusts

  4. Private foundations

  5. Public non-profits

Simultaneously, we explore concepts through a "tax reduction" lens:

  1. Reducing taxable income

  2. Lowering capital gains taxes

  3. Minimizing gift taxes

  4. Reducing estate taxes

  5. Curbing probate costs

  6. Optimizing trust taxation

We apply these strategies and tools to address everyday scenarios (puzzles):

  1. Buying/selling real estate or assets via optimal entities cost-effectively

  2. Investing/liquidating with minimal taxes on tangible/digital assets

  3. Transferring/donating appreciable businesses/assets to trusts/foundations

  4. Preserving personal/investment assets through wills, revocable, or irrevocable trusts

  5. Donating investment properties/stocks to family foundations, donor-advised funds, or public charities

  6. Holding/transferring insurance via personal name or irrevocable life insurance trusts

  7. Pivoting strategies due to upcoming estate/gift tax law changes

These examples illustrate how interconnected legal and tax strategies can be aligned to help business owners, investors, and families thrive holistically.

We invite you to schedule a free call to explore how we can tailor and customize these strategies and tools to help you and your family accomplish your goals & dreams, and if we cannot, perhaps point you to our community of over 6,000 legal, tax, and finance professionals.

Our Firm In A Nutshell

Here's a 30,000 foot view of who we serve, which legal entities we leverage, the different types of taxes that we reduce, and the overall goals and dreams that we help our clients accomplish

Who we serve:

  • High-income earners ($400,000+/yr)

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

  • Portfolios with $1m+ in assets

  • Investors (individuals, funds, and trusts)

  • Estates, trusts, and foundations

  • C-Corporations and shareholders

Legal entities we leverage:

  • Incorporations

  • Limited liability companies

  • Wills and estate plans

  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts

  • Private foundations

  • Public nonprofits

Tax strategies we offer:

  • Income tax reduction

  • Capital gains tax reduction

  • Federal gift tax reduction

  • Federal and state estate tax reduction

  • State probate and inheritance tax reduction

  • Reduction of all the above through philanthropic work (private foundations)

The "bottom lines" we accomplish:

  • Asset protection from all sides

  • Wealth protection from spendthrift heirs

  • Control wealth without owning it

  • Use wealth to uplift your family & heirs

  • Use wealth to advance nonprofit causes

  • Create a double bottom-line legacy
    (Financial + Charitable)

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