Wills, Trusts, And Foundation Hotline

  • Have questions or ideas related to LLCs, wills, trusts, or foundations?

  • Want to discuss specific strategies related to asset preservation and protection?

  • Want to go through strategic plans to ensure you're moving in the right direction?

  • Want to ask highly specific questions but want to do so anonymously?

The Wills, Trusts, And Foundations Hotline is designed to help you learn the law, learn how to conduct research, and discuss strategies in a community filled with other entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals who are in the same boat, also looking to learn the law and ensure they are making strategic moves that are in compliance with the law.

And you can do all of this in a fairly anonymous manner.

"Don't Sign That Dotted Line, Yet"

Over the past decade, we've run into countless entrepreneurs and investors who found themselves "stuck and confused" after purchasing all sorts of "jaw-dropping" legal structures, which, more often than not, are offered and promoted by non-lawyers, who acquired some sort of legal template that they then start mass producing and promoting as a "one-size-fits-all" legal strategy.

We have helped a ton of people avoid these risky structures, and in many cases, guided them through the "unwinding of things" to mitigate losses and get back on track.

Gain Knowledge From The Source

The Supreme Court has held time and time again that YOU (the taxpayer) has the ultimate burden to ensure you are making the right legal moves that are in compliance with the law. Don't let silly legal mistakes and unfounded legal interpretations destroy everything you've built so far!

We are "obsessed" with researching the law and empowering people with the resources that courts and government agencies use to determine whether or not someone's legal structures are in compliance.

Gain access to our private vault of court cases, legal publications, and ongoing legal updates.

What the Hotline Covers:

  1. Questions about pass-through entities: Revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and wills:

    The legal setup, gift/estate tax implications, risk mitigation, relationship of the parties, language used to accomplish your goals, potential conflicts, debunking myths and misinterpretations of the law, etc.

  2. Questions about tax-exempt entities: Nonprofits and private foundations:

    The legal setup, tax rules, internal agreements, relationship of the parties, mission statement, potential conflicts, legal and tax compliance, formalities, special rules and regulations, etc.

  3. Questions about commercial entities used in conjunction with 1 or 2: LLCs and Incorporations

    We limit our review of business strategies as they relate to wealth protection, preservation, and transfer, and can include business succession, asset reorganization, IP questions, or asset sales, donations, or exits.

How The Hotline Works:

  1. Format: We meet every week as a group on a Zoom call to go through a series of questions that have been submitted ahead of time. We'll review the questions, conduct the research, and create a series of strategies and tips that we will discuss during the call.

  2. The Hotline is not a replacement of legal services or tax services, we do not offer any drafting or implementation, but focus on strategy, research, updates, and tactics.

  3. None of the subject-matter experts or professionals you work with in the Hotline are going to be your "lawyers, accountants, trustees, fiduciaries, or financial advisors". We work with you as "fellow entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and legal enthusiasts" on this journey to learn and master the law, just like you, and happen to dedicate our lives and professional careers doing just that.

  4. Cost of the membership: The membership to the hotline is $7,000 a year, and gives you access to our private vault of cases, documents, resources, document samples, actual strategies used in client cases, and access to our rolodex of subject-matter experts in this industry. Read some examples below where you'll see how the "ROI" from this investment was returned tenfold in just one call. One wrong move can have "irrevocable" consequences that may alter the course of your life, for the worse, we want to help you prevent those "wrong moves".

  5. Membership to the Hotline is not anonymous: We review your information and ensure you are who you say you are before you can participate in the Hotline. This is a close-knit community that discusses legal and tax topics that can be backed up with court cases, statutory codes, and legal interpretations that are clear-cut, unambiguous, white and black, and don't rely on temporary "loopholes" in the law.

  6. Your submissions can be anonymous: As a member, you can submit questions in an anonymous manner, which we will conduct research on, and discuss together with other members every week. You can submit these questions anonymously, and we'll discuss them in an open, hypothetical setting, without revealing your name, unless you don't mind doing so (most of our clients prefer not to be anonymous, but certainly have the option).

Why Join The Hotline

Here are a few examples where ONE CALL literally changed everything for a client, whether it was avoiding making a decision, or amending a poorly executed decision, or perhaps the introduction of a new concept that makes more sense to pursue

Revocable trust

We pointed out to a client that their existing revocable trust had named their financial institution as the successor trustee, not their adult and first-born son, a move that would involve court involvement and destroy the very purpose of the trust.

Lawsuit by a creditor

We helped a client who was faced with a lawsuit from one of their creditors avoid transferring assets into a charitable trust, which was recommended by their financial advisor, because it might be have a "reversible transaction" anyway.

Family business succession

We conducted research for a client who was considering selling their LLC shares into a family limited partnership, and provided cases that offered a more advantageous way to accomplish their goals, an incomplete gift to a specific type of irrevocable trust in this case.

Tax deduction strategy

We helped a client who was paying over $200,000 in taxes every year consider the option of donating up to 30% of their AGI to their own foundation, which would give them a sizable tax break and allow them to provide grants and donations to several medical causes.

Irrevocable trust

A client submitted a question relating to the interpretation of the word "grantor" as it pertained to "non-grantor trusts". They heard insurance agents discuss "infinite banking" with the use of "complex trusts" and wanted clarity on the topic. The answers to this question helped a TON of people avoid a particular type of trust that was being sold that claimed to "defer taxes in perpetuity".

Gift to the kids

A client wanted to use her savings to buy a property for her minors kids, and didn't realize that there was a limit of how much she could give away every year and during her lifetime before the gifts were taxable. This concept was completely new to her, especially since she was received property from her parents that may have triggered gift taxes at one point.

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