If you are using legal entities, such as LLCs, will, trusts, or foundations, to protect and preserve your assets, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion, one that is unbiased, independent, and backed with research, especially centered around "compliance" and "worst case scenarios".

Don't Let Silly Mistakes And Non-Compliant Legal Structures Destroy Everything You've Built So Far!

We want to share our research and experience to help you identify any gaps or red flags in your current structures, and where applicable, provide well-researched and structured alternatives and options that may get you back on track.

"The Ultimate Burden To Prove They Are In Compliance Is On The Taxpayer"

The Supreme Court has concluded, time and time again, that the ultimate obligation to ensure the legal structures are in compliance is on the taxpayer (that's YOU), and that ignorance of the law or even reliance on someone else, including professionals, is not an excuse.


Here limit our review to the following legal structures at this time

  1. Review of pass-through entities: Revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and wills:

    The legal setup, gift/estate tax implications, risk mitigation, relationship of the parties, language used to accomplish your goals, potential conflicts, debunking myths and misinterpretations of the law, etc.

  2. Review of tax-exempt entities: Nonprofits and private foundations:

    The legal setup, tax rules, internal agreements, relationship of the parties, mission statement, potential conflicts, legal and tax compliance, formalities, special rules and regulations, etc.

  3. Review of commercial entities used in conjunction with 1 or 2: LLCs and Incorporations

    Legal setup, tax elections, risk mitigation, contracts, conflicts, operating agreements, relationship of the parties, transfer of shares to a trust or a bona fide sale, etc.

Here's how it works:

Step 1:

Entity Survey: The first step is to fill out a survey that covers your legal structures and explores your mastery of the structures you are currently leveraging.

Step 2:

Compliance Talk: The second step is to discuss some of your goals and assess the current startegies and legal structures being used to accomplish your goals. We will also examine any legal documents and create a list of points, thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions, potential conflicts, and strategic thoughts based on the survey, our chat, and the documents you have in place.

Step 3:

The Report: We will create a more detailed report that contains our observations and findings, with a list of recommendations and suggestions, if any. We may agree with the strategies at place, we may find a few areas that could be buttoned-up, or we may propose one or more alternative perspectives that may contradict some of your present structures or strategies.

A Second Opinion Can Help Connect The Dots.

  1. There are a lot of "self-acclaimed" legal and tax professionals in the marketplace who, without the right formalized legal or tax training, offer a "one-size-fits-all" legal solution that magically solves ALL your problems and accomplishes all your goals. Our mission is to help people spot out those risky programs, that are generally offered and presented by non-lawyers, and help them develop a plan to "get back in compliance", if, and where needed. It's possible everything turns out perfectly fine and no changes are required.

  2. A lot of legal structures that are being sold which appear too good to be true - in our experience, that's usually the case. There is no legal structure or workflow that does it all - each and every structure accomplishes something different, comes with its own pros and cons, and contains its own laundry list of restrictions, regulations, and compliance requirements.

  3. It's a little too "easy and simple": If you are using a commercial, pass-through, or tax-exempt foundation and you find it's very simple to manage, chances are you have not dug deep enough to learn the nuances that are inherent to each type of entity. The law is complex, and you should find this process to be complex - it should take multiple meetings to tailor the law to suit your exact goals and needs.

  4. One wrong move can destroy years, if not decades, of hard-work and sacrifices - watch some of the "cases and codes" videos that we've covered where transactions are voided and entities are pierced with ease. Our mission is to empower you with the right information so you can make decisions with confidence.

An Unbiased Report Tailored and Customized To Your Exact Situation.

  1. Our Mission: Our mission is to help you understand the law in its purest form, so you are not easily persuaded by marketing pitches that do more good than harm.

  2. Our approach: We formulate reports and strategic roadmaps that can be backed up with the right court cases and supporting statutory codes - in a manner that you can use to defend your decisions, if it comes to it. In other words, we'll prepare a "going to trial" type report that documents each findings with the right matching codes and cases.

  3. Our commitment: We are dedicated to providing you with an unbiased report that is "not a sales pitch" in any way, shape, or form. We are not creating a report that is designed to sell one of our products or offerings, and there's a good chance that what we actually offer to our client may not be the solution you're actually seeking or that is best suited for exact needs, as it stands.

  4. We generally do not "alter, amend, fix, redraft, ratify, or modify" any existing legal structures or documents - this allows us to step back and give you our honest and straight-forward thoughts. We charge a reasonable fee that covers our time, our research, our expertise, and allows us to provide a report with recommendations that are specific to you and your family.

  5. Whether you choose to work with us or not is an entire different engagement process - we do not provide a "credit or discount" for fees charged in this offering with any other program to ensure it remains independent and "pitch free" from any other offering.

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