The Tax Code Loves Philanthropists

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It's Worth Repeating: The Tax Code Loves Philanthropists.

The tax code provides numerous incentives for philanthropic activities, recognizing the positive impact of charitable giving on society. Establishing a private foundation offers several tax advantages:

  1. Tax Deductions

  2. : Contributions to a private foundation are tax-deductible, reducing the donor’s taxable income.

  3. Capital Gains Tax Avoidance

  4. : Donating appreciated assets to a foundation allows donors to avoid capital gains taxes, as the foundation can sell these assets without incurring tax liabilities.

  5. Estate Tax Reduction

  6. : Assets transferred to a private foundation are removed from the donor’s taxable estate, potentially reducing estate taxes.

  7. Tax-Free Investment Growth

  8. : Investments made by the foundation grow tax-free, increasing the foundation’s capacity to support charitable activities.

While legal structures such as incorporations, wills, and revocable trusts can help you protect assets, lower risk, and reduce taxes to a certain degree, we have discovered that the tax code favors those who help others (society). Here are just a few of the incentives and advantages that you and your family can enjoy by embracing philanthropy:

  • Reduce taxable income (AGI) up to 30% every year, for the rest of your life

  • Immediate family members can also reduce AGI by 30% every year, for the rest of their lives

  • One foundation can be used by family members (no separate filing required)

  • Growth of assets and investments in a tax-free environment

  • Lowering personal risk by removing high-valued assets from your personal name

  • Portfolio growth without facing income tax or capital gains tax

  • Legally circumventing gift, estate, and inheritance taxes

  • Transfer of assets without facing probate costs and delays

  • Multi-generational asset & income preservation

  • Knowledge transfer to heirs and beneficiaries

  • Increase in social and charitable contributions

For high-income earners, entrepreneurs, and investors, creating a private foundation offers a powerful way to align profit with societal impact while benefiting from significant tax advantages. By integrating a foundation into their core investment strategy over a few years, these individuals can leverage deductions allowed on pre-taxed income (AGI) and appreciated assets. This approach not only maximizes financial returns but also fosters long-term philanthropy.

The private foundation is a "investment fund" where you and your family can invest in a

The fund is exempt from income tax and capital gains tax, and the assets owned by the fund are not subject to gift tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, or probate proceedings.

On top of that, the "Impact Investment Fund" is managed by the family members who have complete control over the fund's activities and investments, unlike irrevocable trust structures which require an independent trustee to manage everything.

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  • High-income earners: $400,000+/yr

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

  • Investors with $1m+ in assets

  • Investors looking to diversify

  • Individuals paying $100K+ in taxes

  • Individuals facing large capital gains

Legal entities we offer:

  • Incorporations & LLCs

  • Partnership structures

  • Wills and estate plans

  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts

  • Private foundations

  • Public nonprofits

Tax strategies we offer:

  • Income tax reduction

  • Capital gains tax reduction

  • Estate & gift tax reduction

  • Generation skipping tax

  • Probate cost and tax reduction

  • Excise taxes (foundations)

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Discover how estate planning works and how to use wills, trusts, and foundations to strategically lower the "value" of your estate and mitigate all sorts of taxes, costs, and delays, while preserving your wealth for many generations to come.


Discover how to predict and lower all sorts of taxes that you will (most likely) incur at one point or another, such as: income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, and probate costs and taxes.


Discover the world of private foundations and how corporations and families can leverage this powerful vehicle to not only reduce all sorts of taxes, but also grow wealth in a tax-exempt setting while funding charitable causes and missions.

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Here are a handful of short and long-term objectives that we help our clients solve

  1. Asset protection: Safeguarding business assets, intellectual property, and trade secrets

  2. Risk Reduction & Mitigation: Securing personal assets and investments from risks and lawsuits.

  3. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Exits: Facilitating business and intellectual property sales and exits.

  4. Asset Preservation: Ensuring your wealth is not diluted, liquidated, or jeopardized by internal or external parties.

  5. Spendthrift Clauses: Protecting assets from potential mismanagement by heirs or beneficiaries.

  6. Wealth transfer: Enabling smooth intergenerational transfers without disputes, lawsuits, or delays.

  7. Portfolio growth: Fostering tax-savvy asset growth and appreciation through various legal, tax, and financial strategies.

  8. Privacy and anonymity: Maintaining confidentiality and privacy of asset holdings and wealth transfer.

  9. Becoming Judgment-Proof: Adopting an "Own nothing, Control Everything" approach through trusts & foundations.

  10. Tax reduction: Minimizing income, capital gains, gift, estate, trust, probate, and inheritance taxes.

  11. Charitable impact: Advancing social, charitable, research, educational, youth sports, or anti-sex trafficking causes.

  12. Impact investing: Strategic investment in tax-exempt assets that benefit humanity while growing wealth.

  13. Corporate Philanthropy: Helping corporations thrive by aligning them with public nonprofits & private foundations.

  14. Retirement & Lifestyle Goals: Helping individuals and their families strategically plan for a successful retirement.

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Here are a handful of short and long-term objectives that we help our clients solve

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