Wealth Preservation.

Tax Mitigation.

Family Philanthropy.

We specialize in helping people protect, preserve, and pass-on their wealth in a calculated, methodical, and tax-efficient manner.

Protect Your Life's Work

Welcome to Law and Tax Consulting™, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping people leverage the law to protect, preserve, and transfer wealth in a confident and planned manner.

We offer legal and tax insights, education & training, as well as legal and tax consulting services that empower our clients with the knowledge, tools, and insights to make calculated short and long-term decisions with precision.

We have represented clients in diverse legal matters, including bankruptcy law, contract law, business and nonprofit law, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, wills, trusts, and foundations law.

Solving Legal Problems

Since 2005

We have been "obsessed" with solving legal problems since 2005, and have served thousands of families

1,000s Of Hours

Spent On Legal Research

We are "obsessed" with researching the law and have examined and analyzed thousands of court cases and statutory codes

Over A Billion In Assets

Saved & Protected

We "estimate" that our legal strategies have protected or preserved well over a billion in personal and business assets to date

Explore our offerings

Wealth Preservation & Transfer Program™

This is a comprehensive consulting and implementation program where we work with individuals and their families to formulate and execute highly detailed strategic plans that govern the manner in which your wealth shall be held, managed, protected, used, taxed, gifted, donated, and passed on to your loved ones in the most efficient, effective, and economical manner.

Law And Tax Board Of Advisors™

Imagine having a Board of Advisors to watch over your shoulder and help you make the right strategic and tactical decisions, whether it relates to your business or personal legal decisions, especially pertaining to asset protection, risk mitigation, legal compliance, and tax reduction.

Thrive Through Philanthropy™

This program focuses on helping corporations and individuals understand the benefits of starting a private foundation and earmarking a portion of their income or assets towards advancing society. You'll get to examine a plethora of publicly available records from the most well-known philanthropists in the world to learn how you can also thrive on all fronts by making philanthropy your operating motto.

Law And Tax Referral Program™

We are a referral-based business - the vast majority of our clients have been referrals through clients, friends, family members, and other professionals (accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, real estate professionals, and even consulting firms).

We have a robust referral program in place, where we make the process of earning a lucrative commission for referrals very easy and simple - we provide the assets you need to attract and engage new leads. We'll manage everything else from there and pay you a commission for each client.

Let's dig deeper

Wealth Preservation & Transfer Program

Discover how to leverage the law to protect, preserve, and transfer your wealth with absolute confidence.

Law And Tax Board of Advisors

Hire a team of attorneys, accountants, and ex-IRS agents as your "in-house" team of advisors.

Start A Charitable Investment Fund

Discover the benefits of starting a Charitable Investment Fund (the world of private foundations).

Referrals & Joint Ventures

Interested in partnering with us and offering our services to your database of clients and customers?

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